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Dakota Fest to include livestock activities

You have helped us develop the Livestock Demo Tent into one of the Premier Attractions on the west side of the grounds. Thanks for all your help and hard work in the past…and we rely on you to make this year’s show better than ever. This year’s Dakota Fest dates are August 16-18.

The Cattle Team has three primary goals for this year’s Dakota Fest:

1. Client appreciation – This is the largest client appreciation event in our area, the state and probably the world (The Cattle Team’s world at least).

2. Promote the beef industry, the Cattle Team and your company with the products and technology you provide to the Beef Team.

3. Developing better relationships between the Cattle Team and their clients and company representatives providing product and technology for the Cattle Team’s partners.

It’s a win-win-win for Everyone!

• Better understanding of new and emerging technologies

• Personal contact with company representatives

• Livestock handling and chute demonstrations

• The customary free “Cattle Team Apple”

We polished over 2,400 apples last year!

“Dinner with Doc” was very successful for its first year. We fed over 150 people daily as they were educated by our sponsors. I am sure most took home great new ideas on management & products. Our hope is to improve on last year and encourage more product participation while remembering our primary goal, PROMOTE BEEF! This year we will gather at 12 p.m. daily in the tent and serve lunch for “Dinner with Doc” …We Hope to See You!


Prime Sponsorships

AgriLabs, Elanco, Zoetis, Boehringer Ingelheim (BI)

Choice Sponsorships

Z Tags, Alta Genetics, Newport Laboratories, Ritchey Tags, Norbrook, Pifer’s Inc.

Select Sponsorships

Merial, Bayer, SD Beef Council, New Balance Commodities, MWI , Callicrate Banders ,

Tuesday, Aug. 16 – Feedlot

• Cattle in Confinement

Warren Rusche (SDSU Beef Extension Specialist)

• Value of Implants on performance

New Products available


• Electronic Identification and record keeping

Z- Tags- (Jeff Haagenson)

• Beef Quality Assurance- What’s in it for me?

Heidi Carroll- (SDSU Extension)

• Autogenous Products

Dr. Randy Shirbroun (Newport)

• Utilizing Commodities in the feedlot

Hannah Catterton (New Balance Commodities)

• Veterinary Feed Directive

Ryan Eichler (Elanco)

• New product, New labels

Dr. Moore (Norbrook)

• Ultra-sounding for GRID Marketing

Jeff Schoenfelder (Northwest Vet)

Wednesday, Aug. 17- Repro Day-

• Value of AI vs Natural Breeding

Jeff Langemeier (Alta Genetics)

• Beef Quality Assurance- Repro Vx and Hormones

Heidi Carroll- (SDSU Extension)

• Genetic Testing


• Certified Ultra-Sound Testing

Jeff Schoenfelder (Northwest Vet)

• Animal Identification

Ritchy Tags

• Value of Pregnancy Testing

Taylor Grussing (SDSU Beef Specialist)

• Veterinary Feed Directive and the cow-calf herd

Ryan Eichler ( Elanco)

• Heifer Development

Cody Stahl (Stillwater Cattle Co)

Taylor Grussing (SDSU Extension)

• Fly Circus

Robin Hughes (Agrilabs)

Ron Bernhardt (Bayer)

Thursday, Aug. 18 – Cow/Calf Day

• 5 C’s of Colostrum Management

Jeff Langemeier (Alta Genetics)

• Long Range and Cow Data

Eric Jenks (Merial)

• Beef Quality Assurance Responsible Antibiotic Use

Heidi Carroll (SDSU)

• Importance of Identification

Ritchy Tags

Jeff Haagenson (Z-Tags)

Freeze Branding -Jeff Schoenfelder (Northwest Vet)

• Implanting for pounds

Ryan Eichler (Elanco)

• Veterinary Feed Directives and Weaning

Ryan Eichler (Elanco)

• Intranasal vs Injectable viral


• Fly Circus

Robin Hughes (Agrilabs)

Ron Bernhardt (Bayer)

Shows start at 9 a.m .Tuesday August 16. The first daily show is at 10:30

Dinner with Doc daily at 12 noon

The second show is daily at 2:30 pm.

We look forward to seeing friends old and new!

~Dave, Amy and the Entire Northwest Veterinary and Supply Cattle Team!

–Dr. Dave Barz

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