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Dakota Territory Mounted Shooters host state competition

Lennox, SD – It’s BACK…for the third year in a row, the Dakota Territory Mounted Shooting Club has the privilege of hosting the South Dakota State Cowboy Mounted Shoot July 18 and 19! The Shoot will be held at Whitehead Arena, south of Lennox, SD (In case of severe weather – Steever’s Arena west of Lennox call 605-261-9766). Join us July 18 at 1:00 pm and July 19 at 9:00 am for exciting Old West Cowboy Fun. There will also be Cowboy Church at 8:30 am Sunday morning hosted by Alan and Loretta Sorenson of Yankton, SD.

The Club is excited about this opportunity to again showcase the City of Lennox, SD, and promote the exciting sport of Cowboy Mounted Shooting in Eastern South Dakota. With other Mounted Shooting Clubs in Pukwana and Rapid City, Dakota Territory Mounted Shooters were honored to be awarded the 2009 event.

Cowboy Mounted Shooting remains one of the fastest growing horse sports across the country. New clubs and new shoots are springing up around the country allowing many to enjoy this exciting equestrian event. Unique to the competition is the competitors 1890’s dress code worn while they shoot at balloons with ‘blanks’ from their 45*caliber pistols – while riding a fast-galloping and turning horse. This makes it fun for the audiences as well as the shooters.

The Shoot is open to the public at no charge, and concessions are available on site. Bring your lawn chair and your sunscreen and enjoy the day. Check out more information for this event at http://www.daktms.com or call 605-261-9766. Come have a blast with the Dakota Territory Mounted Shooters!

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