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Danger Dave dances into Agar, S.D., arena

Rodeo clown Danger Dave will roll into Agar, S.D., June 6, for the Weischedel Memorial Bull Riding event and is sure to leave fans rolling with laughter.

David Whitmoyer, known by his stage name, Danger Dave, has been working his way through rodeo circuits as a bull fighter and rodeo entertainer for more than five years. Fans can meet the rodeo star in the arena after the event, where he will be available for photos and signing autographs.

The 29-year-old native of Helena, Mont., has been fighting bulls since 2007. Thanks to an unlikely alliance with Dow AgroSciences, Whitmoyer has been able to take his talents to the next level, traveling to rodeo arenas across the U.S. To top it off, he was granted membership into the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association in February.

The partnership between Whitmoyer and Dow AgroSciences happened from a chance encounter in 2013. Whitmoyer leads hunting expeditions in his home state in the off-season. While leading an elk hunting trip, Whitmoyer met Phil Harms, account manager for Dow AgroSciences.

“During the evenings of our trip, he would show us his portfolio, and he talked to us about what he did. He’s quite the entertainer and had the crowds rolling,” Harms said. “We bought into him right away. I could tell he was an up-and-comer. I thought, ‘I bet he’s going to be a big name.’”

Dow AgroSciences became Whitmoyer’s first major sponsor. In 2013, he traveled to 12 states for 76 performances, made more than 80 additional public appearances and autographed and distributed nearly 2,000 photos.

In turn, the sponsorship provided more opportunities for Whitmoyer.

“I did things I couldn’t have done without the help of the sponsorship from GoldSky,” he says. “It allowed me to start a new website and helped me put on newer, better acts. It also helped me apply for the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association.”

Before the partnership with Dow AgroSciences, Whitmoyer says he was often living from one rodeo check to the next, worrying about truck maintenance and veterinarian bills.

“I’ve made it work in the past, but this year was a breath of fresh air. It’s been so much less stressful. I could concentrate on the arena and what I need to do to give people a good show. If you show up just in the nick of time or are stressing over things you shouldn’t be stressed about, it can weigh on your performance.”

For more information, visit dangerdavewhitmoyer.com.

–Dow AgroSciences