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Dave and Shelly Stout awarded 2010 Maine-Anjou Seedstock Producer of the Year

Courtesy photoDave and Shelly Stout received the award for 2010 Maine-Anjou Seedstock Producer of the Year. The award was presented at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, CO. Presenting the award is Dave Steen of the American Maine-Anjou Association.

Dave and Shelly Stout, De Smet, SD, have been recognized as 2010 Seedstock Producer of the Year at the National Western Stock Show by the American Maine-Anjou Association (AMAA).

Stout’s Maines purchased its first Maine-Anjou female in 1981. She was a half-blood Coca Cola daughter that went on to raise 18 calves. From that first Maine female, through today, the Stouts made it their goal to own 10 “great” cows. Their definition of great is an animal that meets many of AMAA’s Cornerstone dam standards while producing progeny that appeal to a wide-variety of discriminating commercial cattlemen.

With that in mind, Stout’s Maines focuses on producing the best maternal traits possible while developing cow families. They have received numerous Cornerstone dam awards from the AMAA. They also focus on raising structurally correct cattle with performance. This is key, the Stouts believe, for commercial producers who want to increase profits by retaining ownership or raising replacement heifers

“I want my commercial customers to make a profit,” Dave said.

JDS Stout is a bull raised by Stout’s Maines that can be found in many of the top pedigrees at all levels of the Maine-Anjou breed. JDS Stout and his progeny have become sought after as foundational genetics in the breed.

The Stouts said the ability of the Maine-Anjou female to thrive on a strictly forage-based ration has made their family business a sustainable entity on its limited-acre operation. They utilize a rotational grazing system that has earned awards for excellence in grass management.

At this time, Stout’s Maines owns 50 purebred Maine cows and 10 bred heifers. They have a female sale every year at their farm where they offer buyers the choice of their entire heifer crop. Bulls are marketed privately and through select winter sales.

Raising Maine-Anjou cattle have provided Stout’s Maines with the opportunity to have a family business, making lifelong friends and lasting memories along the way.

“To be a leader in the purebred business, it is necessary to have the foresight to select the genetics that will improve seedstock for the future,” Dave said. “We aim to center on this selection.”

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