Day Writing by Heather Hamilton-Maude: Personality Test |

Day Writing by Heather Hamilton-Maude: Personality Test

Every once in a while, I get asked about marital/relationship advice. Which is worth chuckling over far as I’m concerned, because I don’t have it figured out.

However, I did have a lightbulb moment a few months back I have taken to sharing when someone asks such a question.

I was at a conference, and actually planned to skip part of the upcoming session, which was about communicating between different personality types. Over the years, I had been in several such sessions, and had determined my personality more than once.

But, I went through the motions, enjoying it as I realized it had been years since I had done a personality test. Sure enough, I clearly fell into the distinct and strong red personality category. Same as last time. While my husband was not present, he handily fell into the green personality category.

I later had him do the test to verify my suspicions, and they were correct.

Then the presenters began delving into how the different personality types mesh together. One of the first things they noted was reds and greens make unstoppable business teams, but their methods drive each other crazy.

I don’t know what fly they bugged on our kitchen wall, but let’s just say they weren’t too far off.

For example, red personality types are fine with making decisions on the fly, and changing them whenever new information presents itself. They may change direction and decisions countless times between the beginning and end of something, and that doesn’t bother them. They roll with the flow in order to keep going toward the goal.

Greens want to make one right decision. They want to gather information, do research, and take their time in order to make a single, correct decision that they can then implement. They do not like to be rushed in their decision-making process.

Each type’s approach causes frustration with the other.

The clouds rolled back, the light was brighter, and the, “aaaahhhhhh” symphony rolled through my head. That was us, no questions asked.

A suggested way to improve communication with a green person was to state the deadline by which a decision needed made.

That didn’t sound hard, and I decided to try telling my husband a specific time when we need to call on this, or let so and so know on that.

It worked!

There were a handful of other tidbits I took away that also helped improve our communication, and reduced our frustration with one another. Which is always a good thing because, as I’m sure I don’t need to tell the married people, when running a farm and ranch and raising two small kids, frustration can easily build, while communication can dwindle.

The other…notable thing about the knowledge you gain from a personality test is it can also be used to really get under your spouse’s skin. Not that any married couple would ever look for such ammunition.

But, if you have a week of cattle work coming up, this may provide the necessary comebacks needed if the initial attempt at improving your spouse’s humor and communication don’t work out.

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