Deadlines Approaching to Apply for American Lamb Board Programs |

Deadlines Approaching to Apply for American Lamb Board Programs

The American Lamb Board is soliciting applications for two ALB-sponsored programs: the Young Guns Leadership Program and the Local Lamb Funding Program.

ALB is seeking candidates to represent the United States in the Young Guns Leadership Program held in conjunction with 2020 LambEx in Melbourne, Australia. From the applications – which are due Feb. 28 – three candidates between the ages of 22 and 40 will be selected to attend the program, which showcases the latest innovations from on-farm productivity to product quality. LambEx is Australia’s premier educational forum that features outstanding speakers and opportunities to network with all sectors of the lamb value chain.

Applicants must complete the written application no later than Feb. 28. The application is available at

ALB is also soliciting applications from industry partners interested in promoting American lamb in their local markets through the Local Lamb Funding Program. The program is intended to fund events and promotions that educate consumers about the benefits and great taste of American lamb. Examples include cooking workshops, farm or ranch tours, sampling at farmer’s markets, grocery stores or local events, and other educational demonstrations.

Applications are available at and must be submitted by March 31. For questions and more information about either program contact the ALB office at or 303-759-3001.

–American Lamb Board

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