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We want COOL in USMCA

President Donald Trump, please do NOT sign the USMCA without mandatory country of origin labeling for beef and pork. My husband and I own a cow/calf operation in eastern Oregon. We have vehemently defended and supported you. Please return the favor and stand with us in support of truth in labeling regarding our home-grown cattle and beef products. I implore you, do not let the WTO dictate domestic policy and U.S. fair trade! I know that the apple I purchased was produced in Washington, USA; the grapes on my kitchen counter are labeled, “Product of Peru;” I even know that my socks were made in Pakistan. However, the Prime Rib I bought at the grocery store, which states, “USDA Inspected,” could be derived from any number of countries, including Canada or Mexico. How can we be expected to “Buy American” and to “Make America Great Again” when we are not afforded the opportunity to CHOOSE U.S.A. born, raised and butchered beef? I have nothing against our Canadian and Mexican neighbors. They should also want their products correctly labeled, if they are as proud of their product as we are of ours. We should work with our neighbors, but we should also differentiate ourselves to honestly present our product to the consumers and to support those of us who are family owned ranches that work in the rain, snow, sleet, and sun to produce a quality product under ever growing restrictions and increasing operating costs. Thank you and God Bless America!

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