Dear Santa… |

Dear Santa…

by Alyssa

Santa shared these letters from students at New Underwood Elementary. These are from Mrs. Mader’s first grade class.

Dear Santa,

I want a iPod and a litsaver and a Batman and a woverene.

Love, Isaiah

Dear Santa,

I would like a remote control monser truck and legos I also wish for a machine bee bee gun.

Love, Taylor

Dear Santa,

Thank you for comeing Santa.

Love, Dayton

Dear Santa,

May I have sum fack pridy nels for Christmas and math stuf.

Love, Alexandrah

Dear Santa,

I love you and you love me and we both live happly in a house and will you get me and Dayzee a new vidyogame for Christmas.

Love, Shaun

Dear Santa,

I love you Santa. I hope you come on Christmas. Bow, Aros, BeBgon, Bullit, crane, Bull, Monsrtruc, snake.

Love, Kingston

Dear Santa,

I would like to have 2 fake sordes and a rumote cantrole 4 wilr.

Love, AJ

Dear Santa,

Thank you for giving presents on Christmas. You are vary nice.

Love, Alyssa

Dear Santa,

I want a phone and an iPad.

Love, Sinch

Dear Santa,

I want a blue wach and I want a bucking bull and you can’t ride it.

Love, Blake

Dear Santa,

I love you so much. I want a snoe glow Elsa for Christmas and a vialen and a floot, a gutare.

Love, Cale

Dear Santa,

I hope you give all of the presents to all of the kids. Have a hapy Christmas.

Love, James

Dear Santa,

Thank you for giving me presents. I Love you Santa. I will give you lots of cookies.

Love, Mallory

Dear Santa,

What I want for Christmas is a Vechron wave, Forrie frends panda, Diper spris and bike. I’m not sure if this is a capital D or a capital p—I can’t make either make sense.

Love, Jasmine.

Dear Santa,

Thank you Santa for giving us presents and I hope you have a jolly Christmas.

Love, Hayden

Dear Santa,

All I want is you. Thank you.

Love, Chloe

Dear Santa,

Thank you for giving me presents and have a Merry Christmas. I wish for a Clowdeen wolf doll.

Love, Hailee

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