Deiter Bros. "Cream of the Crop" Female Sale |

Deiter Bros. "Cream of the Crop" Female Sale

Dec. 4-5, 2007

At the ranch, Faulkton, SD

CK “Sonny” Booth and Lynn Weishaar

The Deiter Bros. of Faulkton, SD held a two-day “Cream of the Crop” female sale Dec. 4 and 5 at the ranch.

Day 1 averages included: eight Angus “M” model cows, $2,750; 17 ChiAngus “M” cows, $3,632; 50 SimAngus “M” cows, $2,500; 68 Angus bred heifers, $2,400; and 71 SimAngus bred heifers, $1,919.

The top selling SimAngus cow was Lot 4, selling to Ford Farms of Bruce, SD for $8,750. The top selling ChiAngus cow was lot 54, selling to Bushy Park Farms of Highland, MD for $10,250. The top selling Angus cow was lot 71, selling to Sullivan Farms of Dunlap, IA for $10,000. The top selling Angus bred heifer was lot 117, selling to Royce Huber of Valentine, NE for $8,000. The top selling SimAngus bred heifer was lot 152, selling to Mike Mallet of Lampassas, TX for $4,750.

Day 2 averages included: 23 heifer calves, $5,036; three flushes, $10,250; 314 ChiAngus bred heifers, $1,936; and 883 commercial bred heifers, $1,432.

Gehrke Farms of Hartsburg, IL purchased the top two selling heifer calves. They bought lot 320 for $15,500 and lot 307 for $11,750. The top selling flush went to Rodney Hartman of Aplington, IA. He purchased lot 326 for $15,000. The top selling ChiAngus bred heifer, lot 343, went to MMA ChiAngus of Kenedy, TX for $10,000.

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