Democratic senators ask for sage grouse review |

Democratic senators ask for sage grouse review

Late winter brings Sage Grouse together on a lek, or breeding ground, to pick mates. This male is strutting hoping to attract a females.
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A coalition of 13 Democratic senators led by Senate Agriculture Committee ranking member Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich. on Wednesday wrote a letter to Forest Service Chief Tony Tooke to request information about the agency’s role in the Trump administration’s review of 2015 plans to protect the greater sage grouse.

In a Federal Register notice last month, the U.S. Forest Service signaled that the agency may be seeking potential changes to the 2015 plans, the senators noted.

Because modifying the plans could have an economic impact on rural communities, the senators asked for details on the agency’s review and requested an extended comment period, they added.

–The Hagstrom Report

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