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Dikoff Ranch 2012 ‘Bull Power’ Sale

Rodney and Linda Dikoff welcomed a very nice crowd of buyers for their 17th Annual “Bull Power” bull sale at the ranch on April 27. Even though the weather was considerably better than last year, the area had received a few inches of rain prior to sale day and conditions were rather sloppy. Because of the wet conditions, the bulls were displayed at the calving barn about one-quarter mile from the main ranch headquarters with shuttles running perspective buyers to and from so everyone had an opportunity to look over the sale offering. The sale was at the ranch headquarters, with the bulls selling on video format on big screen TVs in the dry, heated sale barn.

The top priority at Dikoff Ranch has always been to raise cattle that will work for their owner. They have to be powerful cattle that can perform, add pounds to calves and hold together in the breeding pasture. The sale bulls were thick, deep and full of muscle. There were several high-performing half brothers in the offering allowing buyers to select bulls that will give them a uniform calf crop.

Customer service is very important to Dikoff Ranch and it’s hard to find a better sale day lunch.

Topping the sale was Lot 21, D 601 Meatmaker Y198, a February 2011 son of Nelsons Meatmaker S601. This calving ease prospect weaned off at 806 pounds with a weaning ratio of 118, had a yearling weight of 1,315 pounds to ratio 114 and posted EPDs of BW 1.4, WW 51, YW 95 and Milk 18. Roth Angus Ranch, Freeman, SD, was the buyer at $10,500.

Baxter Angus, Rockham, SD, purchased the next top-selling bull for $10,000. Lot 7, D 759 Aberdeen Y14 is a January 2011 son of TC Aberdeen 759 that has EPDs of BW 0.1, WW 52, YW 93 and Milk 36.

Lot 5, D 759 Aberdeen Y15, a January 2011 son of TC Aberdeen 759 sold to Ajaxe Williams, Onida, SD. This bull has EPDs of BW -0.2, WW 56, YW 96 and Milk 32 with a weaning ratio of 106 and yearling ratio of 104. The bull sold for $6,500.

Repeat buyers Weishaar Ranch, Leola, SD, selected two sons of SydGen CC & 7 at $6,000 each.

Topping the fall born yearling bulls was Lot 41, D 8193 Gold Mine X0274, a September 2010 son of D 50 Gold Mine U8193 with EPDs of BW 2.3, WW 41, YW 72 and Milk 32. Dwight Melius, Northville, SD, was the buyer at $7,000.

Repeat buyers, Hoffman Farms, Bowdle, SD, purchased the next three top-selling bulls. All are August 2010 high-performing sons of Nelsons Meatmaker. Lot 43 sold at $6,500, while Lot 44 and Lot 50 both sold for $6,000 each.