Doll Ranch 34th Annual Production Sale |

Doll Ranch 34th Annual Production Sale

Skip Rau and Pat Thorstenson, Selby, S.D., both got Doll Ranch Bulls.

Date: March 4, 2014

Location: Kist Livestock, Mandan, N.D.

Auctioneer: Lynn Weishaar

Reported by: Scott Dirk


89 Charolais bulls: $6,421

63 Simmental bulls: $4,579

5 Charolais heifers: $3,450

5 Simmental heifers: $2,760

The Doll Ranch from New Salem, N.D., hosted their 34th Annual Production sale at Kist Livestock in Mandan, N.D. The seats were full of new and repeat buyers from across the region that came to purchase this top notch set of Charolais and Simmental bulls and fancy heifers.

The bulls in the sale were thick and stout, easy fleshing and very eye appealing. There was an excellent cross section of calving ease and performance bulls in both breeds and the cattle were very well accepted. Being my first time attending this sale, I was very impressed with the extra growth thickness and disposition of the sale offering.


Topping the Charolais bulls was lot 29, DCR MR U148 Pro Bull A162 ET, a March 3, 2013, son of JCH MR 402 Pro U148 Pld with EPDs of BW 1.3, WW 35, YW 57, Milk 6, selling to Sandmeier Charolais, Bowdle, S.D., for $48,000.

Thomas Ranch, Harrold, S.D., selected lot 40 for $41,000. DCR MR Top Ledger A240 is a March 9, 2013, son of LT Ledger 0332 Pld with EPD’s of BW -0.3, WW 45, YW 93, Milk 11.

Lot 41, DCR MR Harvest Solution A246, a March 10, 2013, son of DCR MR Solution W13 Pld with EPDs of BW 0.5, WW 37, YW 78, Milk 2 sold to Ernie Weisbeck, Herreid, S.D., for $10,500.

Mark Beck, Britton, S.D., selected lot 55, DCR MR Ledger A287, a March 13, 2013, son of LT Ledger 0332 Pld with EPDs of BW 1.1, WW 35, YW 72, Milk 7 at $10,000.

The top selling Charolais heifer was Lot 158, DCR Ms Lady Tuff A73, a Feb. 14, 2013, daughter of DCR Tuffy 0119 Pld with EPDs of -0.2, WW 34, YW 73, Milk 8. This heifer was purchased by Jerry Wagner, South Hart, N.D., for $5,750.


John Mertz, Hurdsfield, N.D., won the winning bid on the top selling Simmental bull at $10,000. Lot 95, DCR Mr Admiral A29, is a Feb. 7, 2013, son of Ellison 680S W939 with EPDs of BW 4.0, WW 93.2, YW 142.9, Milk 22.7.

Lot 113, DCR Mr Alfred A156, a March 2, 2013, son of Ellingson 680S W939 with EPDs of BW 4.4, WW 91, YW 130.3, Milk 19.1. This bull went to Skip Rau, Selby, S.D., for $9,000.

The next high selling Simmental bull was Lot 130, to Tim Doll, New Salem, N.D., for $8,000. DCR Mr 377Y Blowout A308, is a March 15, 2013, son of WLB bull 381T 377Y with EPDs of BW 3.9, WW 77.4, YW 122.6, Milk 27.2.

Lot 111, DCR Mr Game Winner A147, a March 1, 2013, son of Erixon Game Face 59Y with EPDs of BW 4.7, WW 80.9, YW 129.8, Milk 28.6 sold to Don Lundberg Saskatchewan, Canada for $7,500.

Topping the Simmental heifers was lot 162, DCR Ms B/Prowler A50, a Feb. 10, 2013, daughter of Ellingson 680S W939 with EPDs of BW 2.6, WW 76.1, YW 111.1, Milk 22.2 selling to Bob McRitchie, Seldon, N.D., for $3,000.