Don King Days 2022 |

Don King Days 2022

by Jim Thompson for Tri-State Livestock News

Though the temperatures were hot, the crowd was the large and so were the steer roping entries.

It’s always a 4 header, 2 steers on Sunday afternoon and 2 more on Monday, Labor Day.

Ora Taton has entered 25 times through the 34 years of this event on the Big Horn Polo Field just south of Sheridan, Wyoming. He’s finished in the average several times but never won.

2022 was to change all that.

Ora, from Rapid City, (his name pronounced OR-Y) won the first round in 14.5 seconds to set the pace for the competition. His 14.7 was 4th in round two and his total on 2 of 29.2 was best of the 3 men who were perfect through the first 2 rounds. Jade Lyon of SD was second and Miles Wiliams, from Gillette was 3rd. The 2nd round win of 12.9 for Taylor Davidson of Douglas was the fast time of the day. And though he only 3 had two times, there were several others with one qualified run that still had eyes on the first place prize.

Round three to start Day 2 didn’t solidify standings. Both Miles Williams and Jade Lyon had a qualified run in round 3 to stay perfect along with Ora Taton. The 3 time and defending champion Will Mcbride from Nebraska took top honors in the round with a time of 15.5 stay in contention as the round ended. Taton placed 2nd with a 16.3.

Round 4 saw Ora Taton again have a quality time of 16.2, not enough to place in the round but the four head time of 61.7 broke the long time record of 62.8 set in 1996 by Glen Barlow of Gillette.Both Williams and Lyon took a no time which dropped them from the average race. Winner of the final round was again Taylor Davidson with the fast run of the 2022 finals of 12.5.

In the average after Taton in 1st was Casey Tillard, 51.3 on 3 head, Tom Hubbard 3rd in 51.4 on 3 head and fourth was Troy Tillard, 52.5 on 3.

Personnel included Jim Thompson as announcer..Dee Dee Dickinson and Tera Anderson as timers. Melanies Jones secretary, Ted Thompson as field flag judge and Dean Finnerty as Line Judge. In addition finishing 32 years as committee chairs; Cecile Pattison and Vicki Kane.

Ora Taton and Jim Thompson enjoy Don King Days. Courtesy photo

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