Donations sought for North Central Nebraska fire recovery |

Donations sought for North Central Nebraska fire recovery

North Central Nebraska livestock producers have been hit with a one-two punch – drought and now fire. The extremely dry conditions, coupled with a fire that is burning tens of thousands of acres of pastureland, have caused a disaster of major proportions.

The fire has consumed hundreds of miles of permanent fence, along with what little summer grass was left for several thousand cows and calves to feed on. The fences that have been destroyed will have to be rebuilt before grazing can resume next year, if weather conditions permit a good growing season.

The North Central Development Center in Ainsworth, NE, has set up a fund to take monetary donations to help with the cost of the fire.

Donations of wire and post may be delivered to the Farmers and Ranchers Co-op in Ainsworth, 224 South Main St. Contact Rocky Sheehan, plant manager, 402-387-2810.

– Angus Daily Digest/Nebraska Ag Connection