Donors give $25,550 to Red Angus programs |

Donors give $25,550 to Red Angus programs

Denton, Texas – Honoring the legacy of long-time Red Angus breeder Sal Forbes while supporting the future leaders in the beef industry, the Sal Forbes Legacy Foundation Female sale netted $25,550 for the benefit of the Junior Red Angus Association.

Funds raised from this pick-of-the-2015 heifer crop, a special project of the Red Angus Foundation, Inc., will provide leadership training and industry enrichment for the next generation of Red Angus breeders. SRS Red Angus and Bledsoe Ranch purchased the female during an online event hosted by DVAuction.

Jaclyn Ketchum, president of the Junior Red Angus Association, noted that the effort was humbling for the junior board. “The impact the Sal Forbes Legacy Heifer will have is priceless,” said Ketchum. “The generosity and uniqueness of this donation is a huge financial boost for the National Junior Red Angus Association. The employees of Beckton Red Angus are a great example of how this breed functions as a family and the many great people who make up this breed. Their willingness to put this Legacy Heifer donation forward to the National Junior Red Angus Association is a memorable tribute to Sal Forbes and her love for the juniors.”

Kim Heller, advisor to the JRA said that she was extremely pleased with the project.

“It is a strong testament to the Red Angus breeders who are willing to provide such incredible financial support to the next generation of beef industry leaders,” said Heller. “Red Angus has a bright future in the coming years because we are willing to invest in our young people today. We want to thank everyone who participated in the auction. I am excited about the high-quality programming that these funds will make possible for our Red Angus youth.”

–Red Angus Association of America

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