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Dr. Anna Marie on America’s Horse TV

The American Quarter Horse Association is teaming with The Weather Channel’s Dr. Anna Marie to provide equine content on America’s Horse TV. A lover of all animals, Dr. Anna Marie is a medical correspondent for The Weather Channel and the host of “Your Life” with Dr. Anna Marie.

Her show provides tips and inspirational stories on how to live life to the fullest and improve the health of your family, your pets and your home. Each “Your Life” episode ends with a segment devoted to animals called the “Tail End.” These segments demonstrate the power of the human-animal connection and how animals impact our lives each and every day.

America’s Horse TV is AQHA’s free online video source, featuring live events, newscasts, health and how-to segments and archives of great moments in AQHA history. America’s Horse TV can be viewed 24 hours a day online or via your smart phone, iPhone or iPad. Dr. Anna Marie’s features are located in the Health section of America’s Horse TV.

Along with featuring Dr. Anna Marie’s content on America’s Horse TV, select AQHA segments will now be featured on “Your Life” TV, which is in syndication in various markets throughout the U.S.

Dr. Anna Marie received her doctorate of podiatric medicine from Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia. She completed her surgical training at the Community Medical Center in Scranton, PA.

She is the proud owner of two American Quarter Horses: RR Zans Shaker, a red dun mare, and Poco Quarter Note, a bay gelding. The horses live with Dr. Anna Marie and her fiancé, Todd, on their sustainable, energy-producing, eco-friendly farm, Terra Verde, in FL.

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