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Drought Resources for Ranchers

Weaning calves early during drought conditions reduces the forage requirements of the cow. Photo by Jeremy D'Angelo.

The sheer number of articles in our archives related to drought in the ranching industry is fairly discouraging. In the last 10 years alone we’ve addressed drought in…well, we don’t really want to know how many years. It’s a fact of life here on the Northern Plains, so we’ve compiled some resources that are current, as well as some that have some ongoing value, regardless of this year’s specific situation. So take a look through these stories and let us know if there’s anything you’d like to know that we haven’t covered. You can reach us at editorial@tsln-fre.com.

We’re still working on finding some good sources for a story about how to make it rain.

Know when to fold ‘em — Tips for when and how to react to drought in the cattle business

BeefTalk: Prepare for Early Weaning

Wean early and save 25% of pasture forage

BeefTalk: The Wind, Soil and Grass Are Dry

Dealing with drought

Failing to plan for drought is planning to fail

South Dakota residents urged to report impacts of drought

Cattle diet quality during drought

Greg Lardy: Drought Management Principles Haven’t Changed

Diagnosing grassland drought conditions

Greg Lardy: Drought-stressed field crops for emergency forage

Using drought-stressed crops as emergency forage

It’s time to revisit drought plans for the ranch

Breeding season options during drought

Early Weaning Calves During Drought Conditions

Drylotting Cows as a Drought Management Strategy

Heat and drought impact cow conception

Nebraska hay & forage hotline brings sellers and buyers together

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