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Dupree Pioneer Days rodeo results

The Dupree Pioneer Days rodeo was held in Dupree, SD, July 10-11.

Bareback Riding: 1. Jett Price, Bufalo, SD, 77; 2. Joe Wilson, Kyle, SD, 75; 3. Ty English, Belle FOurche, SD, 74; 4. Reed Kramer, Towner, ND, 71; 5. (tie) Dru Wilking, Hartford, SD and Jordan Pelton, Halliday, ND, 68.

Barrel Racing: 1. Lacy Cowan, Highmore, SD, 17.61; 2. Michelle Alley, Whitewood, SD, 17.62; 3. Tearnee Nelson, Faith, SD, 17.68; 4. Nikki Steffes, Vale, SD, 17.71; 5. Allene Nelson, Grassy Butte, NE, 17.72; 6. (tie) Jakki Young, Union Center, SD and Carole Hollers, Sturgis, SD, 17.74; 8. Brookelle Christman, Bismarck, ND, 17.76.

Bull Riding: 1. (tie) Ty Traversie, Timber Lake, SD and Travis Scroth, Buffalo Gap, SD, 72; 3. Dyan Madsen, Presho, SD, 62.

Calf Roping: 1. Owen Fagerhaug, Plankinton, SD, 9.4; 2. Dane Kissack, Spearfish, SD, 9.7; 3. (tie) Jason Lawrence, Timber Lake, SD and Paul Painter, Buffalo, SD, 9.9; 5. (tie) Tel Schaack, Edgemont, SD; Daine McNenny, Sturgis, SD; and Orrie Fruit, Ekalaka, MT, 10.0; 8. (tie) Kade Kinghorn, Buffalo, WY and Justin Scofield, St. Lawrence, SD, 10.1.

Goat Tying: 1. Joey Painter, Buffalo, SD, 7.2; 2. Leah Baltzer, Box Elder, SD, 7.5; 3. Bobbi Jo Grann, Sheyenne, ND, 7.7; 4. (tie) Nikke Steffes, Vale, SD; Hillary Bair, Kinnear, WY; and Chelsey Kelly, Dupree, SD, 7.8.

Ladies Breakaway: 1. (tie) Laura Hunt, Ridgeview, SD and Jessica Homes, Rapid City, SD, 2.2; 3. Katie Doll, Buffalo, SD, 2.5; 4. (tie) Callie Eckroth, Mandan, ND; Kayla Nelson, Dickinson, ND; Kaycee Werdel, Chadron, NE; and Brenda White, Sheridan, WY, 2.6; 8. Lynn Smith, Kinnear, WY, 2.7.

Mixed Team Roping: 1. Taylor Shoemaker, Faith, SD/Tee Hale, Red Owl, SD, 6.6; 2. ReAnn Crane, Whitewood, SD/Tommy Crane, Whitewood, SD, 7.2; 3. Laura Hunt, Ridgeview, SD/JJ Hunt, Ridgeview, SD, 7.3; 4. Dave Marone, Chamberlain, SD/Jody Marone, Chamberlain, SD, 7.5; 5. Cassie Sigman, Sturgis, SD/Bryce Sigman, Sturgis, SD, 7.9; 7. Trina Arneson, Enning, SD/Melvin Arneson, Enning, SD, 8.1.

Saddle Bronc: 1. Joe Wilson, Kyle, SD, 79; 2. Eric Gewecke, Gillette, WY, 75; 3. Matt Costello, Newell, SD, 71; 4. KC Longbrake, Eagle Butte, SD, 69; 5. (tie) Dexter Netterville, Mobridge, SD; Dalton Hump, Red Scaffold, SD; Kolby Longbrake, Dupree, SD; Travis Scroth, Buffalo Gap, SD; and Riley Knoll, Mandan, ND, 68.

Senior Men’s Breakaway: 1. Monte Sandvick, Gillette, WY, 2.5; 2. Paul Tierney, Oral, SD, 2.7; 3. Lowell Fairs, Bowman, ND, 2.8; 4. (tie) Gary Zilverberg, Holabird, SD and Lennis Fagerhaug, Wessington Springs, SD; 6. Clifford Tibbs, Mission Ridge, SD, 3.0; 7. Dave Marone, Chamberlain, SD, 3.2; 8. (tie) Dwight Hanson, Dunn Center, ND and Jody Brown, Faith, SD, 3.3.

Steer Wrestling: 1. Brent Sutton, Onida, SD, 4.0; 2. (tie) Ty Talsma, Vertgree, NE; Clint Nelson, Philip, SD; and Tee Hale, White Owl, SD, 4.2; 5. Kyle Irwin, Robersville, AL, 4.4; 6. Brett Wilcox, Red Owl, SD, 4.5; 7. (tie) Forest Sainsbury, Camp Crook, SD and Dalton Hall, Moorcroft, WY, 4.7.

Team Roping: 1. Jeff Belkham, Flandreau, SD/Jody Hunt, Eagle Butte, SD, 11.1; Orrie Fruit, Ekalaka, MT/Troy Fruit, Ekalaka, MT, 12.1; 3. Darin Zuehlke, Britton, SD/Mikey Loiseau, Egan, SD, 13.0; 4. Deon Dorsey, Isabel, SD/Corey Cronin, Gettysburg, SD, 13.7; 5. Eli Lord, Belle Fourche, SD/Jhett Williams, Faith, SD, 15.3; 6. Cole Johnson, Gillette, WY/Clay Johnson, Gillette, WY, 15.6; 7. Brett McInerney, Alzada, MT/Guy Howell, Belle Fourche, SD, 15.8; 8. JB Lord, Belle Fourche, SD/Ryan Zurcher, Torrington, WY, 16.1.

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