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Dvorak Bull and Female Sale

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: Feb. 4, 2022

Location: Dvorak Ranch Lake Andes, South Dakota

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar


50 Hereford Bulls – $4,980

28 Females – $3,870

Great set of Hereford females and bulls to offer to a very large crowd on a beautiful early February day at Dvorak Herefords.

Lot 47 at $19,500, BBH CBH 7694 Hatcher 034H Dob 3-17-2020, Reg 44172193, BR SRR C & L Loewen Valliant x BBH CBH 112Y Chole 519C, Sold to Upstream Ranch, Taylor, Nebraska.

Lot 9 at $7,500, DVOR 8439 7107 NELSON 0114H, Dob 3-8-2020, Reg 44120167, H Nelson 8439 x TMR Miss Rosie B R426, sold to Mark Kimball, Platte, South Dakota.

Lot 39 at $7,000, DVOR 3X 8178 SHEYENNE O 197H Dob 2-22-2020, Reg 44120029, TH 49U 719T Sheyenne 3X x DVOR 26H 159P Oralee 8178, sold to Greg and Mike Anderson, Freeman, South Dakota.

Lot 40 at $6,500, DVOR 3X 72E SHEYENNE 080H, Dob 3-7-2020, Reg 44120119, TH 49U 719T Sheyenne 3X x TH 5108 Z303 Exquisite 72F sold to Robert and Larson, Verdigre. Nebraska.

Lot Lot 17 at $6,250, DVOR 634 003 HONETOWN 049H, Dob 3-2-2020, Reg 44120081

NJW 135U 10Y Hometown 63A x TMR P606 Miss World Class W003 sold to Eggers Brothers , Wager, South Dakota.

Top Selling Female

Lot 68 at $6,250, DVOR 628 527 CLASSY 061 H Dob 3-4-2020, Reg 44145793, H FHF Advance 628 x DVOR 468Z 159P Classy 527, sold to Ferlach Herefords, Stickney, South Dakota.

Dvorak sale
Larissa and Keith Hasmeie.



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