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Eagle Pass Ranch Annual Spring Bull Sale

Kim and Dusty Brendsel, Bruce, South Dakota.

-Sale Summary–

Date: Mar. 16, 2016

Location: at the ranch near Highmore, SD

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar

TSLN Reps: Dan Piroutek & Scott Dirk


24 yrlg Angus Bulls ave. $4,000

15 Fall Angus Bulls ave. $3,900

109 Balancer Bulls ave. $4,225

19 Fall SimAngus Bulls ave. $4,711

33 yrlg SimAngus Bulls ave. $3,529

A large crowd was on hand for the Eagle Pass Ranch Annual Spring Bull Sale on March 16th. Folks were anxious to get inside the sale barn as the South Dakota wind howled outside.

Many return buyers came out to the sale, along with many new buyers interested in the benefits and cost savings of increased feed efficiency. A stout set of bulls was offered, many being full brothers and half-brothers to aid buyers wanting to put consistency in their cowherd.

The top bull of the day was Lot 196, Eagle Pass Conversion, selling for $24,000 to the Conversion Group, Tracy, Minnesota. Conversion caught a lot of attention this sale season as he is the most feed efficient SimAngus bull ever to be tested at the Eagle Pass Ranch test station. His EPDs put him in the top 0.1% for feed efficiency and conversion among all breeds in the large GrowSafe database. Add to that his breed-topping 195 API (All-Purpose Index) score, Conversion has a lot of potential to have a big impact on our industry for years to come.

Lot 18 was the second high-selling bull of the day, a purebred Angus GAR-EGL Protégé son that weighed a whopping 807 lbs at weaning and over 1500 lbs at 365 days. When the gavel fell, Dillon Baloun, Highmore, South Dakota, owned the bull for $20,000.

The Balancer sons by PA Full Power 1208 were a hot ticket item this year averaging $7,400 on 10 bulls. Scott Hamilton, the 2015 AGA Commercial Producer of the Year, ended up with 4 sons, including the high-selling Lot 99 bull for $11,000.

Lastly, a unique opportunity was offered to own an interest in one of the all-time great Balancer females, EGL Evelynn U426. The LeDoux Ranch, Agenda, Kansas, was the winning bidder for $50,000 for half-interest in the future embryo production of this elite Eagle Pass donor.

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