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Ed Lemmon, the first Boss Cowman

World-renowned artist John Lopez created the horse and rider sculpture of Ed Lemmon, one of the region's first cattlemen. Lemmon helped form the South Dakota Stockgrowers Association, select the route for the railroad, and establish the town of Lemmon, South Dakota in northern Perkins County.

Since the early 1970s, Lemmon, South Dakota has chosen one rancher to recognize as their Boss Cowman for the year. This year’s honorees were Sid and Mert Colville. On July 9, local artist John Lopez revealed a new sculpture of the original boss cowman, elite cattleman and town father, Ed Lemmon. The sculpture and a painted mural of Lemmon trailing longhorn cattle are the features in a new town square that will also recognize all past Boss Cowmen with plaques. Community members may purchase bricks to honor any individual they choose.

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