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Edelman Pride of the Prairie Production Sale

TSLN Rep: Kelly Klein

Date of Sale: March 13, 2023

Location: Willow Lake, SD

Auctioneer: Chisum Peterson

Sales Manager: MC Marketing Management

24 Yearling Bulls $4073

The Edelman Family held its second annual production sale March 9, 2023, at their ranch near Willow Lake, SD. The sale was rescheduled once due to weather. A good crowd was on hand to view and purchase a great set of yearling and 2 year old Limousin, Lim-Flex, Angus and Sim-Angus bulls.


Lot 5 $10,000, (Red Limousin) EDLE KUTTER 207K ET, 2-16-22, son of WULFS GALLAGHER 7056G X WULFS UNIQUE 8217U, to Diamond V Ranch, Selfridge, ND.

Lot 6 $10,000, (Red Limousin) EDLE KNOXX 205K ET, 2-17-22, son of WULFS GALLAGER 7056G X WOLFS UNIQUE 8217U, to Diamond V Ranch, Selfridge ND.

Lot 1 $5,000, (Lim-Flex) EDLE KLONDIKE 204K ET, 2-5-22, son of MAGS FIRESTONE 218F X WULFS GOLD FOIL 9469G, to Michael Mendel, Doland, SD.

Lot 8 $5,000, (Black Limousin) EDLE KOMATSU 21 4K, 1-25-22, son of COLE FORTUNE 12F X COLE MISS CAPITAL 058H, to Brent Symens, Willlow Lake, SD.

Sale hosts Drew and Jake Edleman thanked Jason Jochim for purchasing the 2 top sellers
Maggie and Michael Mendel along with son Mathew purchased a pair of bulls
Marshall Edleman gives the opening remarks