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Edgar Brothers Sale

Steve Roseland purchased the top selling bull of the day.

Date: March 3, 2014

Location: Hub City Livestock Auction Market, Aberdeen, S.D.

Auctioneer: Steve Hellwig


7 two-year-old bulls: $5,250

122 yearling bulls: $4,981

129 bulls: $4,996

131 Open F1 baldie commercial heifers: $1,489

249 Open Angus commercial heifers: $1,439

Edgar Brothers held their annual sale at Hub City Livestock in Aberdeen on a cold windy day but there was not any snow and a capacity crowd was on hand. They have always sold a large group of heifer calves as well a strong group of bulls and this year was no different. The sale started with the commercial heifers and they were in demand. The high selling heifers of the day were 25 head of the baldies that sold to Cottonwood Angus for $1,650 each, this firm has purchased these heifers for 21 years.

The top selling bull was lot 40 a Jan. 18, 2013, son of MW Predominant 391 that attained a 365 day wt. of 1456 pounds and an ADG of 4.1. He was a really long bodied bull with plenty of depth and thickness and sold to Steve Roseland, Seneca, S.D., for $12,000.

Pete Thompson, Thompson Angus, Kintyre, N.D., paid $11,500 for lot 75 a Feb. 8, 2013, son of MW Montana 531 ND X 040 out of a Connealy Danny Boy daughter. This high performance bull had a 365 day weight of 1,537 pounds and a ADG of 4.5. His EPDs were also impressive with +67 for WW and a +120 for YW.

Lot 7 a 2/19/2013 son of WK Vegas 0125 sold to David Melland of Forbes, N.D., for $11,000. He was big, deep, thick and had a YW of 1,438 pounds with a ADG of4.4.

Pat Zens, Zell, S.D., took home two of the really good bulls out of this sale when he selected lots 23 and 79. Lot 23 was a high performance son of Site Upward 307R that commanded a price of $10,750. He posted individual performance of 205 day adj. wt. of 832 and adj. 365 day wt. of 1504 with only an 8l pound BW. His EPD’s were likewise impressive with a +67 for WW and +117 for YW. Zens also took home the lot 79 bull for $9,500. He was a really good Jan. 21, 2013, son of SAV Pioneer 7301. He possessed excellent EPDs for growth and had a 1433 pound adj. YW with only a 76 pound BW.

One of the most complete bulls of the day was lot 91, a Jan. 26, 2013, son of SAV Priority 7283. This bull had 205 day adj. wt. of 845 pounds and a 365 adj. wt. of 1514 pounds In addition to the excellent performance, he had outstanding EPDs and was one of the high scanning bulls for both IMF and REA. He sold to Bruce Roseland, Seneca, S.D., for a bid of $10,500.

Selling for $9,500 to Harr Brothers, Zell, S.D., was lot 63, a Jan. 31, 2013, son of SAV Harvestor 0338. He had impeccable phenotype and growth EPDs in the top of the breed, with a +60 for WW and a +114 for YW.

The top two year old bull of the day sold to Bruce Roseland when he selected lot 146 at $7,750. He was a CW 416 Ultimate Design 58, son with moderate birth weight and excellent growth. He was a big, long bodied bull with plenty of thickness.

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