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Editor in Chief Riata Little: ‘together we will persevere’

What’s left to say that hasn’t already been said?

What a tragedy. My heart goes out to the producers who’ve lost cattle, sheep and/or horses.

As I read online comments throughout the week about the aftermath, I was so proud to see the overwhelming support and defense for agriculture. The few people who tried to make outlandish remarks about ranching and “confining” animals didn’t have a chance against the passionate ranchers and locals who quickly offered up information about the reality of the situation and people involved. Overall the message was clear and direct, ranchers devote their lives to caring for these animals – the personal stories and raw emotion bled though their words and into the hearts of those who read them.

As heartbreaking as this disaster is for all of us who empathize with those who lost so much, I try to look for a greater purpose, or mission if you will. They say when God closes a door he opens a window. So when I see how this huge community of people, from the ranchers to the people in town, band together to cleanup and help with recovery, I begin to see the light. I think this may be our golden opportunity to show the nation and the world what it means to be a rancher and what struggles we face to provide the world with food. Sometimes it takes tragedy to unite people or simply bridge a communication gap. Unfortunately, in this day and age, our attention spans can be short and we are quickly distracted by the next piece of news. For the agriculture industry this storm will have long-term repercussions and ultimately those will additionally affect the public at large. Everyone will share in the cost and so we must share in the effort to minimize it; together we will persevere. God Bless.

Riata Little

Editor in Chief