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Election integrity speaker – Jan. 26-27, Nebraska

By Deanna Nelson-Licking for Tri-State Livestock News

Dr. Douglas Frank, a world-renowned physicist, with over 60 scientific publications, says he has scientifically and mathematically determined that the 2020 general election results were manipulated by an algorithm using the 2010 Census data. For almost a year he has traveled around the country presenting these findings to state and local leaders.

Dr. Frank will present his data in Nebraska to the public January 26 at 7 pm at the D&N Event Center in North Platte and again on the 27th in Kearney at the Eagles Club at 7 pm. Trent Loos will also speak in Kearney.

The public is welcome to attend and learn about elections and how Dr. Frank says they can ensure that future elections are free and fair, and that every legal vote is counted. Dr. Frank will demonstrate the evidence he says shows voter fraud occurred across the nation where machines were manipulated through the programming of algorithms, which deliberately sets the exact percentages of people to vote in each age group based on the population in that age group who were registered to vote. He will share data specific to Nebraska that shows evidence that, according to him, elections are not secure, and explain multiple avenues that election systems allow for hacking to occur.

“Just this month, he went back to Nebraska’s voter rolls and compared them to the Secretary of State’s published results of the 2020 election. He discovered that there is a discrepancy of 4001 ballots, these ballots are for people not listed in the voter rolls. Who are these voters?” said Melissa Sauder a concerned Nebraskan. “I’ve been working with other concerned citizens to try and ensure we all have a voice.”

“Over the last year, I discovered how little I know about our elections in this state.  The average Nebraskan does not see how dangerous our current election systems are, and the only way to fix the problems is to understand them,” concerned citizen Leigh Anne Trausch said.

“This is not a party issue, if our votes are not counted accurately and honestly, we no longer have a voice in this country. Our vote is the only way to secure our freedoms, and if we give up on elections, we give up on our country,” Sauder said.

CNN calls Frank a conspiracy theorist whose claims have been disproven:

“Frank uses the number of registered voters by age group and prior voter trends to predict voter turnout, then claims it is evidence of fraud when it aligns with actual voter turnout. Put another way: Frank’s analysis finds that age groups with more people have more people who vote, which Frank then interprets as fraud, Justin Grimmer, a political science professor at Stanford University said.

“Effectively, what he’s doing is he’s discovered that anything that you go out and measure in the world is closely related to itself,” Grimmer said.

Aside from Frank’s flawed interpretation of the math, there are extensive election security protocols in place that would prevent the kind of widespread hacking and phantom vote-stuffing that Frank has described,“ said a Jan. 19, 2022, CNN Politics story.

Internationally recognized physicist, Dr. Douglas Frank has spent the past year studying the irregularities of the 2020 election and has solutions for citizens to ensure free and fair elections. Courtesy photo

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