SDSGA pushes for exemption extension for livestock haulers |

SDSGA pushes for exemption extension for livestock haulers

With the looming deadline for the Electronic Logging Device Mandate and hours of Service (HOS) requirements for livestock haulers, the South Dakota Stockgrowers Association encourages an extension of the current HOS exemption for livestock transporters. “As the December 7th deadline approaches for action, we would like to thank Senators Thune and Rounds for their hard work and attention to this issue,” said James Halverson, SDSGA Executive Director, “While the current exemption has been helpful, more time is needed to find a permanent solution that will not negatively affect producers’ ability to ship livestock as they see fit.”

“Everyone affiliated with the livestock business knows the importance of transporting our animals safely and humanely. The December 7th deadline is quickly approaching and more time is needed to find a workable solution. Public safety is of the utmost importance to us all and the driving record for livestock haulers has been extremely good,” commented South Dakota Stockgrowers President Gary Deering.

“We urge the current administration to look seriously at this issue and work with transporters and producers alike to find a permanent working solution while also extending the current HOS exemptions under the law,” added Halverson

–South Dakota Stockgrowers Association