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EPA statement on Wind River Reservation issue

Matthew J. Trask
for Tri-State Livestock News

The Environmental Protection Agency issued a statement Feb. 13, declaring that they will partially stay the Wind River Reservation TAS Designation, pending anticipated legal action.

On Jan. 6, the State of Wyoming sent the EPA a Petition for Reconsideration and Stay of the TAS decision. On Feb. 6, the Northern Arapaho Tribe requested that the EPA issue a stay of the decision so long as it did not affect air quality monitoring in the undisputed areas of the Reservation, and the Eastern Shoshone Tribe requested a partial stay a few days later.

The EPA’s stay of the Wind River TAS Designation essentially encompasses the City of Riverton, Wyo., and surrounding areas at the center of the dispute between the State and the Tribes.

“EPA is staying the Tribes’ implementation of Clean Air Act … in areas challenged by the State of Wyoming and looks forward to the orderly resolution of the Wind River Reservation boundaries in the courts,” said Shaun McGrath, EPA’s regional administrator in Denver. “We are encouraged that this approach will help alleviate tensions in areas of disagreement while providing all parties an opportunity to work together to implement EPA’s decision and ensure environmental protection.”

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