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Equine Affaire introduces new Web site

LONDON, OH – Equine Affaire, the equine exposition and equestrian gathering in North America, launched an all new Web site on Aug. 18 to provide horse enthusiasts with easy access to comprehensive information on attending, participating in and exhibiting at each of the company’s three annual expos in Ohio, Massachusetts and California. The new site, http://www.equineaffaire.com, has a notably elegant, uncluttered and user-friendly design developed by the staff of Equine Affaire, Inc. and brought to fruition by PromoNet Technologies, Inc.

“Our goals in developing the new site included building the site design around our official artwork image, incorporating a host of useful new features, constructing the site to accommodate current trends in web/Internet technology and providing an easy and attractive avenue to extensive information about the events we produce,” explained Eugenia Snyder, President of Equine Affaire Inc. “One of our primary focuses was on ease of navigation and keeping the site as straightforward and user-friendly as possible.”

While Equine Affaire’s new site includes a lot of fun and useful new features including graphics, transitioning photos/logos, banners, daily countdowns to each show, social media contacts, search/print/e-mail options, weather forecasts for each event, and personalized driving directions to each event facility, the true beauty in the new site lies not in its complement of razzle-dazzle features, but in its simplicity.

“In the process of developing our new site, we did extensive research on Web site design and quickly came to the conclusion that ‘less was indeed more’ when it came to site designs,” Snyder continued. “After viewing so many visually complex sites that virtually assaulted the senses and were time-consuming to download, we made a conscious decision to keep our new site crisp, clean, uncluttered, easy to navigate, and quick to download.”

Attendees, exhibitors and event participants can access and navigate the site quickly and gather detailed information on every aspect of each event. “While ‘bells and whistles’ on Web sites are a lot of fun,” Snyder confessed, “we believe that we can best serve our customers by saving them time and providing comprehensive event information in an uncomplicated and attractive format.”

Since its inception, Equine Affaire has been dedicated to promoting the work of accomplished equine artists from throughout the U.S. and has selected an “official” image to incorporate in the company’s marketing and event materials each year. The new site’s home page was developed around the official image selected for 2011, a mixed media painting titled “Love Bites” by Pat Lambrecht-Hould of Lakeside, MT.

The navigation menu directs visitors to information on event Features and Sponsors and information on how to Attend, Participate in, Get Involved in, Exhibit at, Invest/Sponsor and Advertise at the event. Submenus give site users quick access to everything from the event schedule and presenter bios, information on purchasing tickets, host hotels, clinic opportunities, and special events such as the Pfizer Fantasia and Versatile Horse & Rider Competition.

Social media enthusiasts will want to stay tuned to Equine Affaire’s new Facebook wall for the latest news, photos, and information about all of the incredible educational, shopping and entertainment opportunities that will be featured at upcoming events. Facebook users are invited to become fans of Equine Affaire and to post their event photos and share their event experiences on Equine Affaire’s Facebook page. The addition of Twitter is likely to follow very soon!

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