EU could allow more US Beef |

EU could allow more US Beef

According to Meatingplace, the European Union is considering allowing additional US beef tonnage.

Politico reports that French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are visiting Washington this week in an effort to halt steel and aluminum tariffs set to take effect May 1.

Although perhaps not in a connected discussion, the E.U. is reportedly considering increasing their limit of U.S. beef allowed into the country.

The current agreement, set in 2009, has allowed 45,000 tons of U.S. “hormone-free” beef without duties.

Australia and Uruguay and other countries had also been offered the same opportunity, said Meatingplace, so the U.S. has had to share that total with other beef exporting countries.

The U.S. hopes to increase its allowance to a total of 30,000 tons per year, according to Politico.

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