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Eventing Nation founder launches new site

DAMASCUS, MD – The founder of EventingNation.com, a web site for eventing news and views, has launched a new interactive equine humor web site for horse lovers of all disciplines. All proceeds from the site will help the world’s abandoned and neglected horses.

HahaHorses.com revolutionizes equestrian web sites with a simple and interactive experience. Each day, visitors compete to caption a funny horse picture. The HahaHorses community votes for the best caption, and the winner gets an equine-related prize. Everything is user-generated, starting with the photos themselves.

“One of the great pleasures of running Eventing Nation has been tapping into energy and excitement of the equestrian community,” said John Thier of Thier Media LLC, founder of EveningNation.com and SporthorseNation.com. “Now HahaHorses.com will invite all horse lovers to have lighthearted fun and win some pretty cool prizes.”

The daily photo contest begins at noon with a new contributed photo, adding a dash of humor to any horse enthusiast’s day. Upcoming prizes include gift certificates and items from popular equestrian brands.

HahaHorses.com follows in the hoofprints of Eventing Nation, which has become the must-visit site for eventing fans around the world since its debut in Nov. 2009. The site combines smart, timely and sometimes irreverent commentary from Thier and contributors including amateur equestrians as well as top professionals.

To have a laugh and a chance at a prize, visit Hahahorses.com.

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