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Everyone wants to be a cowboy

Until it’s time to ride.

When it’s bitter cold and snowing

Will you take that step outside?

When your body aches, do you still go on

When some would simply quit?

Are good bone and cowy and lots of heart

Reasons he’s the horse you picked?

Are you brave enough to take that trip

When death stands at the door

Because you know he needs a friend

More now than ever before?

Are you strong enough to ask God’s help

When life gets out of hand?

When someone gets abused or hurt

Are you willing to take a stand?

And when it comes to family

Are you mean as a grizzly bear?

You’d risk your life to keep them safe

They know that you’ll be there.

Yet you’re the one with that stray pup,

You couldn’t pass him by.

You think he’ll make a good one,

At least you had to try.

Is your favorite actor still John Wayne,

Your movie Lonesome Dove?

You believe the parts in the Bible

That talk of forgiveness and love.

Are your Christmas presents mostly wool

Or sometimes made of leather?

And if you have a birthday wish

It’s related to the weather.

Today a winter front came in .

It would be nice to be inside,

But some calves didn’t come to feed

So you’re saddling up to ride.

May God keep you

Warm when it’s cold,

Dry in the rain,

Safe in the saddle,

And ease any pain,

Give you light when it’s dark,

Shade in the sun,

And a sure-footed pony

To get the job done.