Faith South Dakota’s Ropes and Goats starts second season; June 12

The second season of Ropes and Goats in Faith, SD, will start, June 12 at the Faith Stock Show and Rodeo grounds. Boys and girls of all ages (seniors, too) who want to tie goats and breakaway rope, get ready to join the fun.

Need an extra five dollars? Recite the Bible verse of the day. Join Ropes and Goats on Facebook for details.

Basic 4-H rules will apply except everyone age 10 and under may enter the goat ribbon snatching and the NLBRA rule will be used where the contestant runs across a finish line. There is an added open division for all ages in both the goat tying and the breakaway roping.

Be at the Faith Stock Show and Rodeo Grounds on, June 12 at 5 p.m. to get entered. Two arenas will be used. Everyone gets three head; the jackpot payoff will be on the average of the three head.

– Ropes and Goats