Faithful few tie and rope in Faith |

Faithful few tie and rope in Faith

Only a faithful few showed up to tie goats and breakaway rope on a cool, windy start to the first Ropes and Goats of the season on Tuesday, June 4. The determined 36 were happy to tune up their skills. Each contestant got three runs in every event.

Morgan Ham recited the Bible verse of the day which was from Philippians 2:14 “Do everything without grumbling or arguing.” Comments were made that it was an easy verse to learn, but a hard one to obey.

The high-money winner of the event was Katy Miller who won the T-Shirt with the Ropes and Goats theme: “Give it all you got, but give God the glory.”

The next Ropes and Goats is June 11, at the Faith Stock Show and Rodeo grounds.

Results from June 4:

Junior Junior Boys and Girls Goat Ribbon Snatching:

1. Kaycee Groves, 6.98 seconds, $35

2. Drew Harper, 10.09 seconds, $21

3. Jess Harper, 11.78 seconds, $14

Junior Girls Goat Tying:

1. Tayla Thorstenson, 11.10 seconds, $50

Junior Boys Goat Tying:

1. Hugh Groves, 39.84 seconds, $45

Senior Girls Goat Tying:

1. Tearnee Nelson, 24.64 seconds, $80

Junior Girls Breakaway Roping:

1. Mikenzy Miller, 17.95 seconds, $60

Junior Boys Breakaway Roping:

1. Harland Groves, 3.71 seconds (1 head), $60

Senior Girls Breakawy Roping:

1. Katy Miller, 2.68 seconds (1 head), $100

Open Girls Breakaway Roping:

1. Jacque Murray, 6.39 seconds (2 head), $60.

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