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Fall 2011 Redland Black Angus Range Calved-Range Raised

Dan Piroutek

A good crowd gathered at Buffalo, WY, for the annual Redland Angus fall sale, which featured older two-year-old and summer yearling bulls, as well as some outstanding commercial bred females.

This year’s sale was greeted by the first major snowstorm of the winter season. I drove on snowy roads almost every mile on the way to the sale. Although this storm did limit the number of people in the seats, loyal Redland Black Angus customers still found a way to be involved – either by bids, phone, or Internet on Northern Livestock Video. This ended up being one of the best sales ever for Sharon and Kendrick Redland and crew.

As you visit with Redland customers, it’s easy to see their loyalty. They love these forage-based bulls that sire low-maintenance females, and they have very high respect for the service and dependability of Kendrick and Sharon Redland and their family.

The Redlands feature several sire groups, but this list is topped by OCC Emblazon 854E. Emblazon has been the number-one high-accuracy bull in the breed for $ weaning, the American Angus Association dollar value for cow efficiency per pounds of calves weaned. It measures simple beef cow profit. Emblazon daughters are moderate framed, beautifully uddered, heavy muscled and easy fleshing converters of grass. Another sire which is making his name known is GDAR Game Day 449. Similar to Emblazon 854E in many traits, he also adds thickness, length, volume and hindquarter.

The top-selling bull of the day was Lot 26, selling for $9,000 to the Brenner Ranch from Colorado. He was the “lead off” summer yearling bull, being born on June 23, 2010. This son of GDAR Game Day 449 was out of a daughter of OCC New Life 904N and had a 72-pound birthweight. He weaned at 659 pounds and posted a yearling weight of 1149 pounds. He showed carcass ultrasound data of 4.7 for marbling, 12.7 for ribeye area (REA), 0.21 for fat thickness, and carcass weight per REA of 1.27. With a sale day weight of 1,350 pounds, he had a 38-cm scrotal measurement. His EPDs were CED 10, BW 1.2, WW 53, Milk 22, and YW 101.

The Koch Ranch from Wyoming chose Lot 3 at $8,250. This big, stout two-year-old bull weighed in at 1,655 pounds with a 40-cm scrotal. He was an own son of the much-heralded OCC Emblazon 854E and out of a daughter of Sitz Traveler 6802. With an 81-pound birth weight, he weaned at 750 pounds to go with a marbling score of 4.70 and a REA of 13.1 square inches.

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Mc Queary Ranch from Nevada bought summer yearling bull Lot 32 at $8,250. This son of GDAR Game Day 449 was out of a daughter of OCC Emblazon 854E. Born at 69 pounds, he weaned at 610 pounds and posted a marbling score of 4.60 and a REA of 12.20 square inches. His EPDs are CED 9, BW 0.6, WW 49, Milk 23, and YW 90.

Long-time repeat buyer Don Nixon from Alzada, MT, purchased Lot 44 at $8,250. He was by Game Day and out of an Emblazon daughter. He had a 72-pounds birthweight and a weaning weight of 652 pounds.

The top draft of commercial Angus cows brought $2,275 from Cato Creek Ranch from Wyoming. The Hoagland Ranch bought the top of the Doyle Ranch consignment of F1 baldy heifers at $2,100.