Farm groups ask governors to help maintain food production |

Farm groups ask governors to help maintain food production

A coalition of 35 national agricultural trade associations sent a letter to governors asking them to be supportive of agriculture as they make decisions during the coronavirus crisis.

In the letter, the groups acknowledged the need for travel and work restrictions, but asked the governors to:

▪ Adopt the Homeland Security Department’s recent revised definition of “critical infrastructure” that includes food, agriculture and public health businesses and supporting services.

▪ Maintain and expand transportation capacity by encouraging states to provide flexibility on current load-limit restrictions, expanding trucking capacity while continuing to balance the critical need for public safety.

▪ Support transportation services such as public rest areas, take-out food services and other vital services.

▪ Ensure needed state testing and certification laboratories and facilities remain operational if possible, enabling the important work of maintaining food and public safety by providing access to inputs required by farmers and other applicators.

“States are in a unique position to help ensure the food chain can continue to keep shelves stocked and protect the public from health threats like rodents and mosquitos,” CropLife America, which distributed the letter, said in a news release.

–The Hagstrom Report

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