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Feb. 3 BHSS workshop highlights different equine disciplines

The South Dakota State University (SDSU) Equine Issues and Leadership Class invites the public to attend a workshop that examines different disciplines of the equine industry from Western and English, to various timed events.

Learn about behind-the-scenes training methods and techniques implicated within different events during the “Pressure to Perform” workshop held during the Black Hills Stock Show (BHSS), Feb. 3, at 4:30 p.m. at the Civic Center in Room 206.

“This is a neat opportunity to learn across disciplines – Western, English and timed events,” said Rebecca Bott, assistant professor and SDSU Extension equine specialist. “The students will talk about some specifics and some of the underlying similarities within the disciplines.

“Often you can read about one piece of the story at a time. This workshop is nice because it is an overview coming from a few different angles,” Bott said. “These students took the initiative to become leaders in horse care education. They aren’t afraid to tackle the tough topics.”

– SDSU Extension