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Feddes Red Angus & C-T Red Angus Annual Production Sale

Three generations of Smiths attended the sale. Trent, Gordon, and Brent Smith, Gordon will celebrate his 100th birthday this year and has attended "almost every" Feddes Red Angus Bull Sale.

TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: March 25, 2019

Location: At the Ranch near Manhattan, Montana

Auctioneer: Colonel Joe Goggins


118 Yearling Red Angus Bulls – $5,186

Monday, March 25, 2019 found a packed house for the Annual Feddes Red Angus and C-T Red Angus Production Bull Sale. Buyers were offered a well balanced set of bulls from two reputation ranches, every bull backed with a guarantee. Congrats on a great sale!

Lot 5 at $16,000, FEDDES STILLWATER B70-8233, DOB 2/1/18, REG#3992838, FEDDES BRUNSWICK D202 x FEDDES SLEEK 8116 B70, sold to Loosli Red Angus, Ashton, ID.

Lot 8 at $15,000, C-T ONE DESIGN 8047, DOB 1/24/18, REG#3948057, PIE ONE OF A KIND 510 x C-T COPPER QUEEN 1152, sold to Jim Phillips, Helmville, MT.

Lot 6 at $12,000, C-T EXCEPTIONAL 8132, DOB 3/1/18, REG#3948121, C-T EXCEPTIONAL 5015 x C-T HONEST GIRL 4107, sold to Whitney Red Angus, Horton, AL.

Lot 7 at $10,000, FEDDES BAXTER C11-8231, DOB 1/31/18, REG#3992644, 3SCC DOMAIN A163 x FEDDES BLOCKANA A53-C11, sold to Brickhouse Farms, Tina, MO.

Lot 17 at $9,000, FEDDES CCC BRUISER F405, DOB 2/11/18, REG#3919869, 5L BOURNE 117-48A x CLARK EMMA 8103, sold to C-T Red Angus and Feddes Red Angus.

Lot 24 at $9,000, FEDDES FRONTLINE C16-8218, DOB 1/26/18, REG#3992632, LASO FRONT ROW X37D x FEDDES LARKABU X21-C16, sold to Loosli Red Angus, Ashton, ID.