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Flat Water Gang Red Angus Annual Production Sale

Scott Weishaar and Paul Birnie

March 24, 2014

Valentine Livestock Market Valentine, Neb.

Auctioneer: Scott Weishaar

Reported by Rowdy Benson

77 Red Angus yearling bulls: $4,019

12 Red Angus long-aged bulls: $5,038

28 Red Angus commercial replacement heifers: $1,425

Well, once again it was a chilly spring day in Valentine, Neb. at the Valentine Livestock Market. The cold was no distraction as the pens were red hot with consistently deep-bodied, uniform Red Angus cattle to walk through. The Flat Water Gang does an excellent job improving their herds year by year. The bulls were in excellent condition, not too fat but ready to get out and cover cows. The cattle offered did the Red Angus breed justice with moderate size and easy fleshing balanced with a smooth look. I liked the cattle and the crowd did too, as there were hands in the air all day long. Congratulations to the Flat Water Gang, here is how the top end looked at the end of the day:

Lot 3, Ridge Legend 3022, topped the sale at $11,250. This impressive yearling 5L Legend 425V son doesn’t have far to travel, headed to Bassett, Neb. with Arrowsmith Red Angus. His weight at birth was 84 lbs and he weaned off at 678 lbs. He represents the breed well with EPDs BW 0, WW 56, YW 83, and Milk 19.

Lot 97, Ridge Glory 2503, is a Mlk Crk Express 9127 son also purchased by Arrowsmith Red Angus of Bassett, Neb. for $8,000. This long-aged bull was impressive all the way around and on paper with EPDs of BW -4.2, WW 46, YW 59, and Milk 26. His actual birth and weaning weights are 73 lbs and 611 lbs respectively.

Lot 5, Ridge Legend 3411 sold for $7,500 to Milk Creek Reds of Plevna, MT. This 5L Legend 425V yearling son was a truckload of meat on a moderate frame and was only 77 lbs at birth and weaned off at a whopping 675 lbs. His EPDs are BW -1.7, WW 57, YW 82, and Milk 22.

Lot 88, Currency 2626 SCN was the second high selling long-aged bull at $7,000. This Buf Crk Currency W118 son sold to RD Sutphen of Lakeside, Neb. This bull was born at 84 lbs and weaned at 675 lbs, he supports EPDs of BW -1.8, WW 44, YW 61, and Milk 26.

Lot 15, Birnie Express 353A, another outstanding yearling out of the Mlk Crk Express 9127 sire group sold for $7,000 to Heart River Ranch of Belfield, ND. Born at 77 lbs and weaned off at 669 lbs, this bull represents the breed well in maternal qualities. His EPDs are BW -3.4, WW 50, YW 69, and Milk 20.