For Pete’s Sake! |

For Pete’s Sake!

The seasons come and the seasons go,

But Cowboys will ride on forever.

Them rascals are a hardy, persistent bunch,

And didn’t get this far by not being’ clever.

Now Cowboys have many things in common,

And they’ve always come in many shapes, colors and sizes

They are born, I think, with a sense of honor

But often aren’t real big on changes and surprises.

Lately there’s been a bunch of whining

By some folks in the politically correct crowd

A bunch who’ve never let their lack of knowledge

Prevent them from being quite loud.

Apparently the snowflakes filled up all their coloring books,

And their supply of cocoa has become depleted.

Now they’re demanding shutting down ICE

And want the great UW icon deleted.

I’d like to know if there’s any useful suggestions,

For a replacement from this misguided bunch.

Maybe the “Black Footed Ferrets” or the “Prairie Dogs,”

Or something lamer would be my best hunch.

Cowboy Joe and Pistol Pete both represent

What it means to ride for the brand.

But I guess I shouldn’t expect a brainwashed mind,

To grasp what seems so easy for most to understand.

Now it’s the truth that life can be real tough when you’re dumb.

It’s also true every Cowboy’s Life Matters.

The world would for sure be a better place,

If we had a whole bunch more good white hatters!

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