Forest Service chief emphasizes timber sales |

Forest Service chief emphasizes timber sales

Vicki Christiansen, chief of the U.S. Forest Service, an Agriculture Department agency, highlighted increased visitor access and the highest timber sales in 21 years, in a year-end report.

“In 2019, through Shared Stewardship agreements, we forged new partnerships and built on existing ones to better collaborate and share decision space with states, partners and tribes,” Christiansen said. “We also opened hundreds of thousands of acres of national forests to visitor access and sold more timber in this year than we have in any of the past 21 years, providing a sustainable flow of forest products and supporting rural economies.”

The Forest Service added that it had surpassed expectations and sold nearly 3.3 billion board feet of timber in 2019 — 75 million board feet more than the 20-year high set in 2018. The agency also said it improved forest conditions and reduced wildfire risk on more than 4 million acres through timber harvest, removing hazardous fuels like dead and downed trees, and combating disease, insect and invasive species infestations.

–The Hagstrom Report