Forgey Angus Ranch Annual Production Sale |

Forgey Angus Ranch Annual Production Sale

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: Jan. 26, 2022

Location: Forgey Angus Ranch Dallas, South Dakota

Auctioneer: Matt Lowery


40 Angus Bulls – $4,400

Forgey Angus had very nice set of two year- old Angus bulls to offer a crowd of repeat and new buyers.

Lot 18 at $9,750 HFA HELLCAT M16H, Dob 3-29-20, Reg 20214612 Poss Maverick x Ponca Creek Blackbird 955 sold to Mark Giddings, Humboldt, Iowa.

Lot 15 at $6,250 HFA HARRY H400, Dob 3-25-2020, Reg 20214603, HFA Sensation 5615 x Ponca Creek Blackbird 400, sold to Bill Haines, Dallas South Dakota.

Lot 3 at $6,000 HFA HARDCORE H102 Dob3-11-2020 Reg 20225251 Basin Payweight 1682 x Ponca Creek Miss Kate 1021, sold to Paul Sees Irene, South Dakota.

Lot 30 at $6,000, HFA HOUDINI H504| Dob 3-10-2020 Reg 20218751 Byergo Black Magic 3348 x Ponca Creek Eldorene 504 sold to Ben Hoffart, Dallas, South Dakota.

Jim Iverson
Forgey Angus customers enjoyed sunshine and good bulls.
Paul Sees

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