Forster Red Angus 2011 Annual Bull Sale

Scott Dirk

The Kenny Forster Family hosted their annual bull sale at Stockmen’s Livestock Exchange on Dec. 19, 2011. The Forster family started raising registered Red Angus in 1967. Since then they have been raising quality cattle to fit the demands of the beef industry and their customers.

This set of sale bulls had been developed to work in the real world. Born in May, weaned in November and wintered on a high-roughage ration. The next summer they are run on grass as summer yearlings. This insures soundness and longevity, along with allowing the genetic potential to shine through. The only time the bulls get any extra supplement is in the fall prior to the bull sale. Forster Red Angus repeat bull buyers have been very pleased with the lower maintenance and longevity of their Forster bulls.

Topping the sale was Lot 4, Forster Leg X018, a May 8, 2010 son of 5L Legend 791-7065 with EPDs of BW 0.6, WW 43, YW 85 and Milk 21, to Larry Denke, Long Valley, SD at $10,500.

Brenner Angus, Carson, ND selected Lot 1, Forster Hobo X001, a May 2, 2010 son of Forster Hobo 6130 at $8,500. This bull has EPDs of BW -0.2, WW 20, YW 48 and Milk 27.

Repeat buyer 7N Ranch, Medina, ND, selected Lot 14, Forster Epic X054. This May 14, 2010 son of Beckton Epic U841 KM, has EPDs of BW -0.7, WW 36, YW 76 and Milk 28, sold for $6,500.

Lot 28, Forster North X080, a May 17, 2010 son of Forster Northern 7057, went to Curt Knight, Gann Valley, SD at $6,500. This bull posted EPDs of BW -2.4, WW 22, YW 55 and Milk 25.

Lot 2, Forster ND X099, a May 20, 2010 son of 5L Norse Design 673-5035 with EPDs of BW -0.4, WW 31, YW 70 and Milk 21, sold to Craig Kemmet, Tappen, ND at $6,250.

Two bulls sold for $6,000 each. Lot 17, Forster North X036, a May 12, 2010 son of Forster Northern 7057 sold to Justin Olson, Tappen, ND. Lot 34, Forster Leg X027, a May 11, 2010 son of 5L Legend 791-7065, sold to David Remmick, Robinson, ND.