Free stockmanship, cattle handling workshop |

Free stockmanship, cattle handling workshop

The Crazy Mountain Stockgrowers will host a cattle handling workshop featuring stockmanship expert Curt Pate this month. The workshop starts at 10 a.m., Friday, Jan. 27 at the Hooks Ranch west of Big Timber, Montana. Lunch will be provided.

The event is free to attend and open to the public.

According to Pate, stockmanship can be defined as the knowledgeable and skillful handling of livestock in a safe, efficient, effective, and low stress manner with the intent of enhancing ranch profitability and improving animal welfare.

Crazy Mountain Stockgrowers Association president Nathan Anderson said the local stockgrowers invited Pate to host a workshop as a service to members and benefit to any livestock handlers who are interested in increasing efficiencies on the ranch.

His interest in improving his own stockmanship skills was piqued with a few simple curiosities: how can we take better care of our animals, work smarter instead of harder, and conserve our time and resources?

“I’ve always had a fascination with cattle, why they do what they do, trying to handle them better, learning how to use pressure and releases,” Anderson said.

As they learn and implement more stockmanship techniques on their Billy Creek Ranch near Melville, Anderson said it’s gotten more efficient to work cattle with less people and more positive results.

“You’re trying to avoid putting stress on the animals, so you’re keeping your situation calm. If you’re processing cattle, you want the animals to have a pleasant experience so that going through the alley way gets better and better and better every time,” he said.

It’s good for the wellbeing of the animals, and it pays off on the rancher’s bottom line, too.

“If you’re shipping, the benefits to the cattle are huge. If they’re not stressed and they’re happy going through there, they’re not shrinking; they’re not getting as nervous, and that is huge,” Anderson said. “When you go into the corral after you’ve shipped and it’s soaking wet; that’s your profit on the ground, and it’s thousands of dollars. So not only are the animals having a better experience because they’re not nervous, you’re making more money in turn.”

On Jan. 27, Pate will cover a variety of those types of situations with live animal demonstrations. Topics will cover many aspects of stockmanship, including gathering, grazing, sorting, processing, loading, treating and moving cattle in an effective manner, on foot or horseback. The event will be held in an indoor arena. All attendees will earn a Beef Quality Assurance certification.

Hooks Ranch is located at 16 DeHart Trail. To get there, take 1-90 exit 362 approximately five miles west of Big Timber. The indoor arena is located about a mile south of the interstate. Please RSVP by Jan. 24 by with a call or text to Kandi at: (406) 930-1782 or email, for meal planning purposes. Space is limited to the first 100 RSVPs.

About Curt Pate:

For more than a decade, Curt Pate has been conducting demonstrations and clinics on stockmanship, colt starting, horsemanship and safety. His abilities conducting both horsemanship and stockmanship demonstrations along with his ability as an effective communicator have made him a sought after clinician both on the national and international scene.

His personal experience incorporating effective stockmanship principles supports a “for profit” mindset and focuses on highlighting the increased economic benefits of handling stock correctly. In addition, Curt recognizes the growing public scrutiny surrounding livestock production and the impact that improved livestock handling practices create for the sustainability of the cattle industry.

Curt brings great value to the livestock industry. He spends his time conducting stockmanship demonstrations and trainings and also manages a small grazing operation in western South Dakota. With his ability to think outside the box, his ability to challenge others to do the same, and a willingness to share his skills, Curt has set himself apart in conducting stockmanship clinics. His lifelong experience in ranching adds credibility and enables him to communicate his methods effectively to cattle ranchers throughout the country. In addition, Curt continues to seek out new learning opportunities to increase and hone his knowledge and skills and enjoys sharing this knowledge with others.

–Crazy Mountain Stockgrowers Association

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