Frey Angus Ranch “Brand of Performance” Bull and Female Sale |

Frey Angus Ranch “Brand of Performance” Bull and Female Sale

Lot 7, 210.

Date: Feb. 2, 2014

Location: At the ranch near Granville, N.D.

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins

Reported by: Chris Effling


91 ylg Angus bulls: $4,362

19 ylg Red Angus bulls: $3,632

44 Angus hfrs: $1,564

Frey Angus Ranch hosted their annual bull and female sale at the ranch near Granville N.D. Lynn, Eddie, Arlen, Dustin, and Lynsey all contribute to this operation. If you haven’t had a chance to view these cattle, they are a sight. The Freys have been stockmen that, no matter what species they are in, they like frame. And not only frame but, some width on that frame. This set of bulls were very uniform, their EPDs are pleasing, and they’re managed to maintain longevity. The Freys always make you feel welcome and have a dessert “bar” that is second to none. Joe Goggins kept the sale snappy so people had plenty of time to watch Seattle have their way with Denver in the Super Bowl.

Topping the sale at $20,000 was lot 2, going to the Vermillion Ranch in Billings Mont. This Feb. 3, 2013 son of HF Tiger and is out of a Sitz Upward Daughter. The Freys did a great job of breeding this outstanding bull, he doesn’t have a hole in him. He boasts a 1.4 on bw, 60 ww, 116 yw, 29 milk, with a 88.49 $B. This deep bodied, thick bull had an average daily gain of 4.83 and had a WDA of 4.09. Lokk for this young herd bull to do great things in these programs.

Lot 1 was also a member of their Denver carload. He commanded $18,000 from Semex in Canada. This son of BSAR Opportunity 9114 had as impressive of stats as what you can find. His actual birth weight of 86 pounds allowed him to wean off at an impressive 927 pounds. He also gained 4.98 and had a 4.44 WDA. His EPD’s are 1.8 bw, 77 ww, 129 yw, 33 milk and a huge 103.78 $B.

Third high selling bull went to Reiss Ranch of Dunn Center, N.D. Lot 7, brought $12,000 and is a half brother to the high seller. This calving ease Tiger son is out of a Midland Empire dam. His big spread EPD profile read a .5 bw, 63 ww, 111 yw, and a 28 milk. He balanced a 75 pound birth weight with a 769 pound weaning weight and a 39 scrotal.

Prezler Farm of Braddock N.D., paid $10,250 to own lot 3. He is another Opportunity son out of an Upward dam. This attractive deep bodied, thick bull did so many things right too. 86 pound birthweight with a 812 pound weaning weight and a 4.39 ADG. He put together a balanced set of EPD’s that were 3.7 bw, 68 ww, 114 yw, and 27 milk.

The 44 head of heifers were very uniform and affordable. Cody Olson of Badger, Minn., paid $2,300 for a daughter of WK Rock Star, to be the high selling female.

Congratulations to the Freys on a great set of cattle and a good sale.