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From The American Quarter Horse Association

Owners of American Quarter Horse Association Incentive Fund-enrolled horses, as well as foal and stallion nominators, should start seeing checks arrive for points earned during the 2018 show season. More than $2.6 million was paid to owners and nominators who earned Incentive Fund points in 2018.

Each point earned at an AQHA-approved show in the open and/or amateur divisions by an Incentive Fund-nominated horse is worth a specific amount. For 2018, that amount was $49.60.

In 2018, Incentive Fund-nominated horses earned 114,734 points. The Incentive Fund point cap for payout was 20 points, which is the average number of points earned, plus 1. Based on the point cap, 52,448.5 total points were paid.

This is the final payout for the AQHA Incentive Fund, which is why the amount paid in 2018 is higher than previous years. Legally, the funds in the Incentive Fund must be paid to owners and nominators enrolled in the program instead of funding a new program.

Final Incentive Fund Payout Information

For U.S.-based AQHA customers who do not owe AQHA money for work performed, an Incentive Fund check will be mailed directly to the customer.

If a customer owes AQHA money for work performed, their Incentive Fund payout will be applied to their outstanding balance. Any credit balance will stay on the account, unless a refund request is received. Credit balances can be applied to future AQHA business. A refund of the credit balance may be requested by also contacting

International AQHA customers earning an Incentive Fund payout will have a credit put on their AQHA account for the value of their Incentive Fund payout to be used for future AQHA business. International members may request a refund of the credit balance less applicable exchange/processing fees by contacting

According to the rules of the Incentive Fund, Incentive Fund monies due to a person/entity suspended from membership or show privileges with AQHA, will be withheld during the term of the suspension; or, funds may be used to pay a participant’s delinquent account with AQHA. If the suspension continues longer than five (5) years from the date the funds are awarded, such funds will be forfeited and paid to the American Quarter Horse Foundation’s general scholarship fund.

If you have additional questions regarding payout information, email

About the AQHA Incentive Fund

The AQHA Incentive Fund was a revolutionary program for the equine industry and was so successful that it became a model for many others. The AQHA Incentive Fund has paid out more than $80 million in its lifetime.

In 2014, a joint meeting of an AQHA Show Strategic Planning Committee and AQHA Show Council recommended the formation of an AQHA Incentive Fund Working Group to determine the interest in and viability of the Incentive Fund moving forward. The working group performed an in-depth analysis of historical data; surveys of foal and stallion nominators; reviewed various findings; and evaluated recommendations for the program. In 2017, the Executive Committee determined that based on multiple factors, including the decline in participation through the past decade, the program should be terminated to allow time and resources to move to the research and development of new potential incentive programs for competitors and breeders.

“We want to thank you for supporting the AQHA Incentive Fund,” said Craig Huffhines, AQHA executive vice president. “Whether you nominated your horse for one year or for decades, you have had your part in making this the landmark incentive program for the equine industry. We look forward to using our time and resources to create new incentive programs for our members in the future. ”

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