Funding in Colorado for noxious weeds after natural disasters |

Funding in Colorado for noxious weeds after natural disasters

Many Colorado residents have suffered from a number of natural disasters in recent years. Since 2012, Colorado has experienced six major wildfires that burned over 250,000 acres, and a major flood throughout the South Platte basin.

“While the human and infrastructure costs of these disasters have been considerable, one of the longer-term impacts is the movement of noxious weeds which exact additional costs on agriculture and the natural landscape,” said CDA’s State Weed Coordinator, Steve Ryder. “Noxious weeds are early invaders to disturbed ground caused by fires and floods, and many of these plants find fire a desirable occurrence as it encourages seed germination. All in all, the economic and environmental threat from noxious weeds invading new territory is significant.”

–Colorado Department of Agriculture

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