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Logan Seim fundraiser

A fundraiser in Meadow, South Dakota will help Logan (pictured here) and his dad Nolan Seim. Photo courtesy Nolan Seim

Nolan Seim, Shadehill, South Dakota rancher, thought he’d spend his life just ranching and running cows. He and his late wife Linda did just that along with growing a huge family of foster and adopted children.

Just over 11 years ago, one of those adopted daughters had a baby boy. When baby Logan was just three months old, his birth father beat him so savagely that it nearly killed him. Logan had severe brain damage from Shaken Baby Syndrome and cerebral palsy as a result. He also had 28 broken bones, was blinded, had both hips dislocated and suffered seizures from the brain injuries. Doctors didn’t expect him to live.

With the parental rights of both parents revoked, tiny Logan was destined to be in an institution until he died. His grandparents, Nolan and Linda, just couldn’t bear the thought of that. “When he was laying in that hospital bed covered in hoses with all those monitors, I promised him that I would always be there for him,” explains Nolan. He and Linda proceeded with adoption and just before Christmas in 2006, they brought Logan home.

“He’s had 11 birthdays so far,” says Nolan, “But, he keeps getting worse as he gets older.” Linda passed away four years ago, so Nolan had quite a job taking care of Logan and their daughter Jazzy, who is now 13. “I used to ranch, but this takes up all my time now. I don’t regret it though,” says Nolan.

“Logan is hands down the toughest person I’ve ever known. He doesn’t have one thing to be happy about but he’s happy most of the time.” Nolan Seim, Logan’s adoptive father

Nolan’s rancher ingenuity kicked in when having to provide a bed, bathtub, and other specialized and prohibitively expensive equipment to care for Logan as he grew. He built an elevated bed and bathtub, both which are portable, out of oak lumber and big calf sleds. He also made a safe, warm transport with one for moving Logan around in the snow. “Those wheelchairs don’t push worth a darn in snow,” quips Nolan.

Nolan has since teamed up with Teresa, who also has a wheelchair bound son who is 17 and a daughter who is 14. Together they manage to get everyone taken care of each day.

The cost in time and emotion is immeasurable, nor does Nolan keep track. The cost of care and travel in general, however, is crushing. In 2017 alone, Nolan has made around 16 emergency trips to Rapid City Regional Hospital, a distance of over 180 miles one way. Some of those trips on snowpacked and icy roads, most of them dodging deer for a majority of the trip. They hit a deer the fall of 2016 and wrecked the handicap equipped van. “It cost a lot to get it fixed and it was sure unhandy to not have it while that was done. Logan was strapped into his traveling seat asleep when it happened and never even woke up though!,” explains Nolan. Add to those trips the five to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, when Logan contracted pneumonia and had to be hospitalized there. It sure adds up.

“Logan is hands down the toughest person I’ve ever known,” states Nolan. “He doesn’t have one thing to be happy about but he’s happy most of the time.” One huge thing that Logan has to be happy about though, is that he was adopted and loved so completely and made a part of a real family for 11 years so far. For Logan, it just doesn’t get any better than that.

Andrea and Shiloh Block, aided by his daughter Sarah Dreiske, stepped forward to lend a hand. A silent auction fundraiser is to be held at Smoky’s Bar and Grill, Meadow, South Dakota, on October 14, 5:30 p.m. There will be food as well.

For more information on how to help Nolan out, call Andrea or Shiloh at 605-788-2976. You can mail items in care of Smoky’s Bar and Grill, P.O. Box 236, Meadow, SD 57644.

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