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Fuoss Angus Ranch 16th Annual Production Sale

Justin Sherwood, Wood, S.D.

Date: Mar. 6, 2014

Location: at the ranch north of Draper, S.D.

Auctioneer: Lynn Weishaar

Reported by: Dan Piroutek


32 Two-yr-old and fall bulls: $4,352

81 ylg Angus bulls ave $4,611

The weather was absolutely fantastic for the Fuoss Angus Ranch bull sale. Dave and Kathy Fuoss hosted an extra big crowd that arrived early Thursday morning to look over this set of bulls. The bulls were all in good breeding condition, not overfed, and good on their feet and legs.

This was hands down the best sale this family has ever held. Dave and Kathy Fuoss, along with their son, Mike, and his family, presented a big framed, well grown set of bulls. This year Dave and his family offered bulls of all three categories—from two’s, fall bulls, and yearlings. These bulls were sired by a combination of nationally known AI sires, as well as several in herd service sires.

Dave guarantees his bulls, plus free delivery, as well as keeping the bulls free until April or May. His catalog and supplemental sheets included many details on each bull. This sale moved along rapidly with many repeat buyers competing with the new bidders in the crowd.

Top selling bull of the day was Lot 108, selling for $9,500 to long time repeat buyer, Dan Valburg, White River, S. Dak. He was a March yearling bull sired by Varilek Traveler 062 1082 12, and out of a daughter of WAR Alliance. He had an 85 pounds birth weight, a weaning weight of 769 pounds to ratio 117, and a yearling weight of 1387 pounds to ratio 104. His EPDs included BW 2.4, WW 73, YW 127, and MILK 27.

Lot 113, another yearling, sold to Dan Valburg for $9,250. Sired by Styles Triple Stack K70, he was out of a daughter of Mytty In Focus. He posted EPDs of BW 4.4, WW 76, YW 136, and MILK 37. Born at 90 pounds, he weaned at 821 pounds and grew to a yearling weight of 1,546 pounds

Denny Price, Buffalo, S. D., bought Lot 82 at $9,250. Here was a son of LAR Upward 571X who was out of a daughter of SAV 8180 Traveler 004, going back to the foundation Leo Howard cows. He weaned at 768 pounds and had a yearling weight of 1,490 pounds His EPDs were BW 5.2, WW 70, YW 117, and MILK 30.

Lot 38 sold to Troi Valburg, White River, S.D, for $8,500. This bull was recommended for heifers and sired by Mogck Sure Shot 260. He was out of a daughter of SAV Final Answer 0035, and had EPDs of CED 12, BW -0.7, WW 55, YW 93, and MILK 36.

Carson Carlisle, Ft. Pierre, S.D., bought Lot 105 at $7,000. He was by Varilek Traveler 062 and out of a cow sired by Schurrtop Reality. With a 92 pounds birth weight, he weaned at 748 pounds

The Bear Paw Ranch, Ft. Pierre, S.D, chose Lot 72 at $6,750. Here was a son of Sitz Upward 307R who was out of a dam by Boyd Beef Maker 3069. Born at 88 pounds, he weaned at 735 pounds He posted a yearling weight of 1,417 pounds after growing at a rate of 4.26 pounds a day.

The gavel fell at $6,750 once again, and Lot 109 was headed home with Doug Perry, Presho, S.D. Here was another son of Varilek Traveler 062 1082 12. Also at $6,750 was Lot 95, selling to Randy Knippling, Gann Valley, S.D. Sired by Connealy Impression, he was out of a daughter of Boyd New Day 8005 and had gained at 4.7 pounds per day.

The high selling two year old bull was Lot 7, selling for $7,750. He was a son of Connealy Revolution 548.

This was a great day for the Fuoss family, and folks were invited to stay after the sale for Jack’s famous and tasty ribs.

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