Game and Fish’s access program opens private land for hunters and anglers |

Game and Fish’s access program opens private land for hunters and anglers

The Private Lands Public Wildlife (PLPW) Access Program report on 2015 shows the vast majority of hunters and landowners are satisfied with the program. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s Access Program works to enhance and maintain public hunting and fishing access onto private lands and landlocked public lands.

The latest report includes a landowner survey, which revealed that 91.7 percent of landowner respondents were satisfied with the program and 82.1 percent felt the programs made it more convenient to provide access to hunters and anglers. Hunters also noted their satisfaction with the program. Of hunters surveyed during the 2014 hunting season, the majority indicated they were either satisfied or very satisfied with the opportunity provided through public access program: 80 percent for antelope, 72 percent for deer, and 72 percent for elk.

“Working in partnership with landowners to increase quality hunting and fishing access to privately-owned lands and landlocked public lands is important for effectively managing wildlife populations,mitigating agricultural damage and building relationships between landowners, sportsmen and the Game and Fish,” said Scott Edberg, deputy chief of the Game and Fish Wildlife Division.

In 2015, every dollar spent provided approximately 3.5 acres of access. The PLPW Access Program is funded by Game and Fish funds and the Access Yes Program. Department funds, primarily from license sales, fund the daily operations including personnel. Revenue for the Access Yes Program is generated from the sale of lifetime and annual conservation stamps, donations from organizations, individual hunters and anglers, court-imposed restitution fees from individuals convicted of wildlife violations, and interest. Easement payments made to landowners are funded through the Access Yes Program.

The full report is available for the public on the Game and Fish website. To learn more about PLPW lands accessible for hunting and fishing, visit the Game and Fish Public Access page.

–Wyoming Game & Fish

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