Gant Herefords going strong after 100 years |

Gant Herefords going strong after 100 years

The governor of South Dakota declared Feb 28, 2014 Gant Polled Hereford day. It was the100th anniversary of their bull sales. Courtesy photos

This year, 2014, marks 100 years of being in the Hereford business for the Gant family of Geddes, S.D. The original home of the Gants was in Westfield, Iowa, in 1895 where LV Gant’s father, their great grandfather Patrick, resided.

The purchase of two purebred Polled Hereford bulls in 1914 inspired LV Gant into raising calves that were naturally hornless. LV and his brother, Steve, bought a registered polled female at a sale in LeMars, Iowa. The brothers paid $500 for a heifer and a week-old calf. Their father thought it was a foolish investment. When they sold the heifer’s 10-month-old bull calf for $200, he changed his mind. LV and Steve began to see that there was more to the purebred business than they realized. This was the start of the Gant Brothers.

In 1936, when the move to South Dakota was made, the brothers had dissolved their partnership and LV Gant was the sole owner of a herd of 48 registered Polled Hereford cows. The Gant family continued to have bull and heifer sales in South Dakota. The name of the firm became LV Gant and Sons when Pat Gant and his brother, Ray Gant, became partners. In the late 1950s, a ranch was bought in Atkinson, Neb.

LV Gant and Ray Gant moved to Nebraska, but Pat Gant stayed in South Dakota where the bull sales continued through the 1960s. Pat Gant started Gant Polled Herefords, Inc. in the late 1970’s with his two sons, Mark and Dennis Gant, who now own the operation.

Now, 100 years later, the Hereford cattle are still here. From the Dirty 30s, to the frame size changes of the 70s, and the farm crisis in the 80s. In 2014 Hereford cattle are still a big part of the cattle industry.

–Gant Herefords

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